Re-Vitalization of Dudley Square

Re-Vitalization of Dudley Square::||

The below images are pullouts from a vast rangle of research on the site to give a bisc overview of main ideals that influenced the design proposal for the first half of the thesis year.

Industrial Dudley::||
-Elevated train and bus station
-Main trade to the boroughs
-European immigrant owned factories

Post Industrial::||
-Land waste as demographic changed and new products no longer being purchased from community
-Abandonment of factories and warehouses
-Change in demographic where more African Americans moved in from the south movement for affordable housing
-Demolished elevated train as less consumers were traveling to the site and less goods being shipped out
-Falling apart facades that are now tatted with graffiti as the community helps rebuild the area among themselves

Today–> Progress:||
-New buildings ranging from elderly housing center to residences and re-establishment of historic buildings like the fire house and post office)
-Increased green space
-Farmer’s markets
-Public cultural events

Boston’s Future Dudley Plan::||
-New commercial and retail buildings
-Increased green space and natural lighting systems
-Sustainable buildings with air control
-Re-Establishment of historic buildings

-Additional community influence through bottom up approach
-Continue green pedestrian corridor from station to site