The Future Church of New Hope

The Future Church of New Hope::||

The main goal of the project was to allow for a religious center to reach out to the community through direct interaction to help prosper a cultural and communal support system. The Future church becomes a response to the dwindling influence of religion and life and helps focus our attention to the importance of the Godliness inside of us rather than the basic building typology. The design is meant to bring hope, growth to the site identity, and becomes an extension of the diverse community’s arts and events at a regional scale. The design is not your typical church typology and really questions what we perceive as the church institution. The future church has no specific denomination and becomes more of a religious center that houses various programs interior and exterior that helps promote different forms of worship and fellowship.

The service style is more of a nomadic style similar to Evangelists that travel and preach the gospel without having a building affiliation. The design is more direct to God’s description of the holy tabernacle in Exodus as Moses was traveling through the wilderness (Exodus). There were specific specifications in how the traveling tabernacle should be built. However, the main point was to create a place of worship that could be temporary, installed and re-installed to a new location. It became a direct connection to the user and traveled with the user, making a more intimate and direct connection to the Man Himself. through this direct translation, the design more Contemporary styled responds to an ancient principle while making a direct connection to the first phase research in literal mobility.

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