Roxbury, MA
Year: Spring 2013
Professor: Christopher Perry (Main Coordinator)

Exterior Integrity

From the continuation of the thesis in the Fall of 2012, the new Church of New Hope addresses similar issues with stronger and more detailed forms in order to behave more specifically to environmental changes.

Exploded axo diagram of mound and column mapping in entire system.

Diagram of mound and column integrity in the design to its form, location, and context.

Detail diagram of water collection system, pathways, interior track, and basic structural weave of roof greenhouse mounds for vegetation growth. 

Floor plan with labeled four zones of main division of space: athletic, educational, sanctuary/worship space, and foot outreach division.

Ceiling plan of moving track system and mound forms, shaded, with outdoor trellis system.

Sectional drawings longitudinal and transverse of entire scheme showing the interaction and interior habitation of column and mound forms.

EDGE_Massing Model 173

Physical models of column and mound combination. The first two images are made of stacked acrylic showing the basic form of the twisted, curved, habitable column that houses interior private programs for the facility. The second model is a massing model showing how the roof system works with the top greenhouse mounds (white 3D printed forms) and the flat roof surface (pink rigid foam).

Rendered progression renders of movable furniture in relation to interior masses that change throughout different days of the week depending on user control.