Boston Housing Complex

The Boston Housing Complex::||

South Boston, MA
Group Project Designers: Desireé Edge, Justin Rupp, Fiora DeMarco, + Greg Skiba
Year: Fall 2009
Professor: David Bell

Integrated lifestyle housing within an urban environment calls for people from all different backgrounds to interact with another in a community based atmosphere. The people of Boston wanted more integrated housing that was cheaper and in more abundance. The main site is located in Boston near Old Harbor along Columbia Road and William J. Day Boulevard. The scheme is positioned on the corner of Access and Ring Road that runs off of Columbia Road.

The housing calls for not only residential spaces, but also non- residential spaces including retail and office spaces, lobbies, and a program space. In this scheme, the bistro became an additional program space to work whose location worked well with the site location. The bistro is located at the corner of Ring and Access Road to draw in more people from the two streets.

Within the scheme, there are two modules that are carried throughout the overall massing of the model where four story spaces create an “L” configuration in plan with one and two story bridges that connect the buildings. The reasoning for the L plan was influenced by the site and its location within its adjacent sites. The bridges allow for roof terraces and under passage ways help define the public and private courtyards. The main intersection point of the two L’s forms the main communal lobby space which is accessible to all units. Main vertical circulation is within this lobby space as well as the additional lobby spaces on the opposite ends of the scheme. The two ends of the L configuration connect to the adjacent sites (E6 and D2), incorporating the covered passageway. Also, private balconies of every unit overlook the two story circulation spaces.

The scheme allows for different family sizes within the community to occupy the spaces including one bedroom flat and two, three, and four bedroom maisonettes. These units have the same amount of windows and window type on the façade like the four bedroom mainsonettes having four full windows and five half windows. The façade also includes Core- Ten steel panels along with channel glass in the circulation spaces to allow for a different treatment of privacy to the exterior courtyards. The façade configuration is also carried into the trellis system that completes the grid of the two L’s.




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