The See Through House

The See Through House::||

Troy, New York
Year: Fall 2009
Professor: David Bell

The Design:
The See Through House is an apartment complex that was designed to house three apartment houses in the downtown Troy area. The main idea was to create a community within a community where each unit was encouraged to interact with another through the main three story open lobby space or through adjacent patio spaces. The house was semi transparent in the front facade (different tinted glass block) where the main lobby was to encourage interaction from the outside neighborhood to the inside complex.

The demographic for the apartments was mixed which allowed for cultural interactions. Not only were the user unique, but there was a desire to create an open floor plan within units to allow for these diverse users to essentially create their own spaces by having maximum flexibility for change and user influence in their own space. Since the apartments were positioned on top of each other, there was a huge design strategy in to place similar programs for electrical and mechanical applications. Structure was just as important in space configuration in order to understand how housing structure can be accommodating for various functions and programs.




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