Recyclable Can Modules

Recyclable Can Modules::||

Exhibition: Troy, NY RPI School of Architecture Greene Gallery
Year: Fall 2008
Professor(s): Jefferson Ellinger + Michael Oatman

The Objective:
By using a recyclable object, in this case, the soda ca (Coca Cola and Sprite), the design had to be a designed module that could connect to itself without using fasteners, glue, or adhesive agents. The materiel exploration helped convey the importance of material properties and limits in order to understand how material performs. The reason for the only two type of cans was due to this property. Coca Cola cans are made with a thinner metal than the Sprite can so the way the modules twisted on each other was a result of weight and strength of the different metals in the design. The Sprite can modules were used for the bottom part of the model, creating more structure, while the lighter cans, the Coca Cola cans, were for the top part of the model.

By creating the module itself, it was understood as being a single element that created an entire field of interactions between each twisted loop. The various interactions helped create a diversity in structure  form, light and shading integrity, and how it responded to load. Having a recyclable model became a precursor to the Paper Structure that was explored more in depth at a larger scale with the usage of a thinner material, paper.




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