Viscera Ceramic Wall and Modules

Viscera Ceramic Wall and Modules::||

Exhibition RPI School of Architecture Greene Building
Group Project Designers: Desireé Edge, Alyssa Johnson, + Morgan Danner
Year: Fall 2011
Professor: Enrique Gustavo Crembil

To create a parametric modular wall that could be repeated and create diverse surface conditions, utilizing the process of casting and molding from clay. The actual module was redesigned from the cell mentioned in the Looping Through Istanbul Project where the cell was changed in its parameters to create different surface conditions that could be molded successfully.

The wall was very difficult to make due to the material properties with the form of the design. There was a huge design challenge in making each module be able to connect to another especially since the edges warped easily cue to the curved shape. There was no internal structure for the mold to stay in place so other design strategies were implemented for the wall to keep its shape intact. In the end, the wall allowed for multiple spaces inside and out of the module that were different even though the system seemed regulated. The idea created a “weaved” wall in a sense to make a provocative structure become aesthetically pleasing and made a connection back to earlier studies in using material to inform space (dematerialization)




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