Triangular Module Bridge

Triangular Module Bridge::||

Multiple Site
Group Project Designers: Desireé Edge, Morgan Danner, Jennie Bellai, + Kylee Besecker
Year: Fall 2009
Professor: Ivan Markov

The triangular module bridge was a design that had to be designed and constructed to test loads on the structure to understand how structural members work in construction. The bridge had to have 48 modules in total where our model included one module that was rotated on the opposite side leaving 24 modules on each side. The footbridge rested in between the alternating modules and a beam ran through the modules to help resist tension. It was made from 1/8” MDF.

Testing Results:
Just like predicted, the bridge bent in the middle where the load was being placed. The connection to the vertical supports were weak as well so the below beams disconnected from the vertical supports. Also, the truss started to tilt due to vertical shear.

Design Features:
A) Bottom of the module thicker in order to add a slot for the beams
B) Added an additional truss system that was the same as the system holding the footbridge.
C) Truss runs through vertical supports.
D) Curved footbridge in plan.
E) Notches added to edged of pedestrian path.




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