Looping Through Brasilia

Looping Through Brasilia::||

Brasilia, Brazil
Partner Project Designers: Desireé Edge + Morgan Danner
Professor: Enrique Gustavo Crembil

The Site:
The site was the main transportation hub in the heart of the Brasilia monumental axis. The main strategy was how to use the studio’s premise of the technique of weaving to re-produce a complex that housed diverse programs to revitalize the main transportation hub and allow locals and visitors to experience the center of the axis in a provocative technique.

The Design:
The design’s program including the current transportation hub with sporting entertainment centers, music pavilion, and retail connector spaces that transitioned between the two entertainment centers and the outdoor music pavilion. The transportation hub had a bus terminal on a lower level of the platform with a main highway system that connected in and out of it (current site conditions) while the platform above allowed for more pedestrian friendly atmospheres for easy circulation in and out of the site while transitioning into the open axis through ramped circular systems for easy transport and connectivity.

The massing of the buildings were designed to push and pull up based off of the idea influence of the current hub itself that had outlets of vertical circulation from the underground road system to the platform. The circular integrity was influenced from the circular underground highway system which allowed for a three dimensional rotation upward from different scales and speeds. The roads underground that connected to the transportation hub was reconfigured to make an easier flow in transportation while allowing for pedestrian movement which was once not considered. To allow for light and smoke to emit down and up respectively, openings in the platform made a visual and physical connection to multiple levels.




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