Running Through Istanbul

Running Through Istanbul::||

Istanbul, Turkey
Year: Fall 2010
Professor: Sulan Kolatan

The Design:
By using a parametric designed module, an urban design with minimal surfaces allowed for a more theoretical application for different interactions between programs internal and external to help promote recreational activity in a rich cultured atmosphere. The design included an interaction with the main Eminönü shoreline through an inclined outdoor running surface that weaved in and out of the site to create a new way of travelling through the site. There were a series of hotels with an athletic arena to promote healthy lifestyles for a younger demographic.

There were four different module cells designed from parametrics that were multiplied and distorted through the site to respond to different programs and surface integration. The cells had different qualities and characteristics of their own which was studied precisely in order to make smooth transitions between each other and adjacent programs. The cells also created intriguing interior spaces that allowed for different natural lighting qualities through the openings of the cell ceilings which influenced different readings of spaces through the site.




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